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2022: Brands Go “All In” on Incrementality Measurement

In 2022 brands go all in on Incrementality measurement - Incrementality is the future.

In my final post for 2021, I shrugged off the common tradition of making annual predictions as we embark upon a new year. In an increasingly erratic advertising industry, nobody has the superpower of seeing a few weeks, let alone 12 months, into our murky future.

Instead of futile attempts to predict what’s in store, I suggested marketers prepare for anything by adopting a media measurement system that can withstand any unexpected plot twist. I doubled down on incrementality testing and independent experimentation as the future-proof approach to advertising measurement. Regardless of how dire the prognosis for cookies becomes, incrementality measurement, anchored on first-party data and cohort-based analytics, will continue to be effective.

This month, as yearly predictions filled my news feeds and lined my inbox, I realized that my call to incrementality measurement was in itself a prediction. Multi-touch attribution and the accuracy of platform conversion reporting are suffering greatly at the hands of privacy – landing incrementality testing and experimentation on many lists of advertising trends to watch in 2022. 

Both startups and long-established media organizations are eagerly unveiling their new incrementality measurement and experiment offerings. We welcome the increased interest in incrementality and the competition that comes along with it. Nothing becomes the “future of” anything unless a thriving community and industry build up around it.

In 2016, we made our own prediction that consumer data privacy concerns would eventually prevail over the user-tracking economy – so we started Measured to develop an effective and resilient approach to attribution. Brands like Johnny Was, Faherty, and Hint – who were some of our first clients more than four years ago – are still working with Measured (along with a portfolio of 90+ leading DTC brands) to make media decisions that grow their business.

The Measured team understands what burning questions keep marketers up at night and the many roads taken in an effort to answer them. In addition to decades of experience in advertising, attribution, data science, and ecommerce, we’ve been delivering incrementality measurement solutions longer than anyone else in the industry. 

We’re committed to providing expert guidance and sharing everything we learn through platform and partner connections with our clients and the broader marketing community. As we innovate and adapt our products to answer the most pressing questions brands have about media, we are building content and providing updates about the latest developments impacting marketing performance:

  • Our Incrementality Insights webinar series covers the most current topics in marketing measurement and always includes valuable tips and real use cases for addressing common challenges. Check out recent sessions on-demand to learn about measuring Facebook after iOS 14.5 or how Geo-testing can measure what platform attribution can’t.
  • Watch this space our upcoming Incrementality Guide for DTC Marketers, packed with in-depth information about how to measure media incrementality and a step-by-step guide for getting started with experimentation.
  • Have questions that are specific to your business or media program? Schedule time to chat with one of our experts. We love talking about this stuff!

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