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Marketing Attribution, Marketing Sciences, Marketing Analytics & Media Experimentation Major topics: Through results we deliver or the experiments we set up for you, there may be a whole host of detailed questions you may want to seek input on. For instance, with cross-channel reporting, constraints & flexibility with reporting dimensions & metrics with various vendors, Measured’s experimentation capabilities & design philosophy, last-touch attribution, incrementality measurement, discuss insight, value and recommended actions unique to your taxonomy and much more .

Martech & Adtech

Major topics: Evolution and diversification of marketing & advertising buys across digital and offline channels, advances in data capture, treatment and analytics, evolution of attribution, challenges with data deduping & reconciliation, ad tracking & counting, data privacy, legal compliance, DSPs, SSPs, exchanges, DMPs and role of other players in influencing clean data capture.

Solution Architects, Data Architects, Cloud Architect

Major topics: Understanding key questions customers want to answer, identifying data sets with dimensions & metrics that will help answer them at the right granularity & cadence, bringing these diverse data feeds to a scalable, standardized data architecture through necessary transformational treatments, crafting necessary slices of reporting using the identified dimensions and conversion KPIs and making the solution reliable and robust to process over the multitude of data using supported product and platform engineering levers.

Brief bio of our panelists:
Madan Bharadwaj

One of the best minds globally on digital marketing, strategy, data science & analytics with over 15 years experience helping clients of all shapes and hues. For the last 4 years Madan has devoted his energies toward building incrementality-based measurement and recommendation products to help customers with reliable and fast indicators to make decisions on.

Nick Stoltz

Has a wealth of experience successfully handling and delivering on a wide variety of operational, analytic and strategic problems in the marketing ecosystem across several markets globally. For the past couple of years Nick has been helping Measured meet and exceed client commitments.

Octavio Sacasa

Widely experienced digital marketing and advertising customer success and analytics professional with over a decade of experience helping clients navigate through their business, strategic and operational needs.

James Gerber

Over a decade of relevant experience doing advanced analytics and assisting customers derive meaning out of marketing and advertising data captured across multiple channels, devices and programs. At Measured, James leads our analytics practice partnering with product and client success teams to interpret experiment outcomes and better service needs of our customers.

Tair Schwartz

An experienced product manager with many years of experience working on some of the major platforms used by advertisers to optimize over. She has been a major contributor shaping Measured’s geo-based test design and analytics product and practice working with engineering, client success and solution teams.

Paramesh Laxminarayan

Has more than a decade of experience in data analysis, consulting, solution architecture and product management roles in the digital and advertising domain. Oversees the solutioning team while focusing on the solution-centric platform products at Measured.

Sanju Ommen

Highly skilled data architect and technical manager, Sanju and his team build all the data architecture to process and transform the data as needed by the various application modules, algorithms and interfaces at Measured.

Nikhil Wanpal

Is a highly experienced and passionate product and systems architect with experience working on a wide range of domains and software technologies. Nikhil nurtured and built the Measured product platform ground up to handle scale, security and reliability in the most optimal and graceful fashion

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