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It’s the Right Time to Invest In the Future of Measurement

21 Million Dollar Growth - Measured Inc

At Measured, our stated mission has always been to help brands grow.  We promise the brands we work with that we will always deliver best-in-class incrementality measurement solutions – even in a media environment that refuses to stand still.  It was that unwavering commitment that ultimately drove us to raise $21M in funding from Telescope Partners. 

Attribution has been an unsolved problem for decades and the recent stream of technology and privacy changes across the industry have pushed the ongoing issues to a breaking point. Measurement methods that require tracking users are not effective or accurate. The industry needs to move on to a future-proof measurement approach that everyone can trust, every time.  

After spending most of our careers trying to force various multi-touch attribution models to deliver on an ambitious promise, Madan and I started Measured in anticipation of this very moment in time. More than five years ago, we bet on incrementality testing and experimentation as the way forward and began building independent measurement solutions that would withstand the upheaval being felt across the advertising industry today.

Where We Are Now

In the last year, Measured’s incrementality experiments were used to calculate the incrementality of $4.14 billion in advertising spend for more than 120 DTC brands. Results showed, on average, 40% of media investments are ineffective, and impact can vary vastly by channel, tactic, campaign, or ad set. It’s crucial for marketers to have reliable insights into incrementality at every level. 

While ad platforms and legacy attribution vendors are just getting on board with incrementality, Measured has been helping brands grow through experimentation since 2017. We’re staying a step ahead so our clients never have to feel a step behind.

What This Means For Our Clients

Helping brand’s navigate the uncertainty of the past few years – and whatever is hiding around the corner ahead – is what Measured was built to do. Our tools and technology enable the experimentation that is now required of the modern day measurement stack. 

We want to seize every opportunity to be the most trusted partner in measurement, and right now is the right time for growth funding from the right investors. Telescope has a reputation for excellence in thoughtful scale and a team with extensive experience in building high-performing software companies. They are the best partners to help us in our global mission. 

The additional resources will allow us to focus on building the right product for today and maintain the high quality that brands have come to expect from Measured, while continuing to innovate for the future. Every dollar will be used strategically and deliberately, with our clients’ best interest leading the way.

Heart Full of Gratitude

This funding is a result of the incredible work being done by a phenomenal Measured team. Thank you to every one of you for going above and beyond everyday. 

And to our clients… We only exist because of your trust in us and we are only as successful as the success of each brand we work with. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey as much as you are of ours. 

For more detail about today’s exciting news about Measured’s growth, funding, and future read today’s news announcement

Still curious about what all the fuss is around incrementality measurement? Check out our new guide for an incrementality primer and steps to building your own experimentation practice. 


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