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Marketers: We Can Tell You What’s Happening With Your Facebook Ads

impact of Apple’s data and tracking restrictions on Facebook’s measurement and reporting systems.

Facebook is making a lot of headlines right now –  for a lot of reasons. Advertisers have been seeing up to a 40-50 percent drop in platform-reported conversion rates since the rollout of Apple’s iOS 14.5. As if that wasn’t enough to sound the alarm for marketers, the brand is wrapped up in ongoing high-profile scandals, making it impossible for the advertising giant to break out of the negative news cycles. 

As some vocal critics call for brands and consumers alike to stop spending time or money on the platform, advertisers are beginning to contemplate whether they should consider reallocating budgets to other channels. It’s a difficult decision to make, especially for many growing DTC brands that built their online businesses on the backbone of the second-largest advertising platform in the world. For marketers who spend a significant portion of their budget and acquire the vast majority of their customers on Facebook, moving money away from the tried-and-true platform to untested channels could have disastrous business ramifications. 

Marketers need all the information they can get to make the calls that will best serve the needs of their business. Here’s what we know right now:

  • Due to the impact of Apple’s data and tracking restrictions, Facebook’s measurement and reporting systems are broken. Less data, and smaller windows of time to collect it, will always result in fewer results.
  • While Facebook attribution is reporting a significant drop in conversions, advertising performance has actually remained consistent compared to pre-iOS 14.5 contribution levels. We ran the incrementality tests. We’ve seen the data.
  • Marketers who rely on platform reporting to make decisions about advertising are flying blind right now. Many marketers can sense that their Facebook ads are still working because the sales are still coming in, but proving it in the current environment is a difficult task.

We can help.

Whether a marketer just needs clarity on how their Facebook investments are contributing to ROAS or they want actionable insight into how they can safely diversify and reallocate budgets without stunting growth, unbiased experiment designs from Measured will deliver trusted incrementality insights and reliable reporting to light the way.

Today we announced the industry’s first end-to-end incrementality measurement and reporting solution for Facebook advertising in a post-iOS 14.5 world. Our independent experiments provide ongoing insights into Facebook incrementality at channel, campaign, and ad set levels. By measuring the true incremental contribution of Facebook media, anchored on source-of-truth transaction data provided by the brand, marketers can make informed decisions about budget allocation – even amid rising concerns about the reliability of platform self-reporting.

Measured is committed to being the measurement provider brands can trust for technology solutions and expert advice to grow in this new, privacy-led era of advertising.

We are regularly holding live online sessions to provide marketers with the latest insight as Facebook changes continue to unfold and similar industry events force us all to rethink how we track, measure and act. Check out our most recent session focused on solving Facebook measurement here: 

For more information about our incrementality measurement solutions for Facebook, read today’s release.

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