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Cross-channel analytics doubles online sales for Johnny Was


Grow ecommerce by 10x in five years

Johnny Was has been creating “boho-chic” inspired clothes and accessories since 1987. A premiere brand in the women’s affordable luxury apparel category, Johnny Was is known for its uniquely beautiful and high-quality garments that embrace a California lifestyle with a global vision. Today, Johnny Was has over 30 stores across seven states, a rapidly growing ecommerce store and a wholesale business distributed by leading retailers like Neiman Marcus.

As a private equity-backed business, Johnny Was cares deeply about growth, profitability and maintaining the quality of their premium brand.

With a strong base of catalog sales, the company planned to grow its ecommerce channel by 10 times over five years, which it believed could be achieved by diversifying its prospecting strategy into other channels and tactics.

“In the first 18 months of working with Measured, we doubled our online business. Measured is a critical partner enabling us to tune into media’s contribution to our growth. We now have a laser focus on the incremental contribution of paid media, providing us the data to make smarter investment decisions.” Rob Trauber, CEO

But what was the right composition of media spend to achieve that goal in an incrementally profitable way? Catalog is a meaningful contributor in the Johnny Was media mix, but how can the company optimally scale into other tactics to drive new customer acquisition? Having a trusted cross-channel media reporting and analytics framework to inform portfolio investment decisions was critical.

Without putting the profitability of its successful business at risk, Johnny Was needed a way to optimize media spend, drive new customer acquisition and triple its ecommerce business, all while maintaining profitability goals.


Cross-channel incrementality measurement

Applying incremental net profit as its guiding metric, Johnny Was engaged Measured to help determine which media channels and tactics were making the strongest contribution to the company’s bottom line as compared to its core media driver in catalog.

Measured deployed its cross-channel incrementality measurement framework, helping guide Johnny Was media investment and scale decisions. For the first time, Johnny Was had an opportunity to test which channels were generating the most net profit return on a dollar-for- dollar basis.

Johnny Was had an analytics framework in place with Measured to drive revenue growth and profitability through paid media.

Using net profit as the primary growth metric, Measured’s cross-channel incrementality measurement framework gave Johnny Was a new way to measure lift in net profit and determine where best to scale, cut and maintain its media investments.


Working with Measured, Johnny Was successfully:

  • Doubled online business within 18 months.
  • Scaled into five new digital tactics.
  • Profitably scaled Facebook prospecting 30x.
  • Scaled catalog prospecting to meet net profit goal.
  • Right-sized retargeting for incremental net profit goal.

Key Takeaways

  • Better measurement enables better decisions.
  • Incrementality measurement clarifies each media tactic’s contribution to the business.
  • Incrementality-driven media mix decisioning can turbocharge growth for direct-to-consumer businesses.

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