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Leading consumer brands trust Measured’s marketing attribution to reveal the true business impact of their advertising spend.

See how Measured can help you optimize your media for better business results
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Martech Best Marketing AttributionTool - Measured
2022 Best Marketing Attribution Solution
Digiday Best Measurement - Measured Marketing Attribution
2022 Best Measurement or Analytics Capability
AdExchanger Best Marketing Attribution Tool - Measured
2022 Best Attribution Tool
AdExchanger Best Measurement & Analytics Winner - Measured Marketing Attribution tool
2022 Measurement & Analytics Winner

Why Use Measured For Marketing Attribution?

Measured Media Plan Optimizer for Incrementality & Marketing Attribution

Optimize Across Your Portfolio

Our incrementality-based attribution enables direct performance comparisons across your entire media portfolio at the channel, tactic and placement level.

Quick Impact to Efficiency

Our incrementality intelligence built on over 25,000 tests is customized with your KPIs and sales data to provide immediate ways to increase your efficiency.

Test Into New Growth

We provide automated testing for any channels that you want to explore as you look to scale your business.

Future-Proof Approach

Our marketing attribution is based on your actual performance and is not impacted by changes to privacy and tracking rules, unlike click-based or cookie-based methods.

Leading Brands Optimize Their Media Using Measured’s Incrementality-Based Attribution

See how Measured can help you optimize your media investments for better results

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